About Eccenscia

We are a cohort of inventors, researchers and innovators obsessed with what technology can do for humanity. Our intent is to deliver progress to humans through technology, ensuring that, while at it, they enjoy it.

Our work involves a continuous examination of the day-to-day human experience and aspiration and asking ourselves “What should change” and “What more technology can offer”.

We imagine what “new” may look like and creatively translate what is possible into a different and better human experience.

When our work is done, people have useful and usable tech solutions that make their work and life better, safer and easier.

In short, Eccenscia is a dynamic technology company that architects intelligent hardware and software solutions for individuals, businesses and governments across the globe, so they can navigate their digital lives with confidence, freedom and ease.

Our story begins when Edson Pindza (a technology enthusiast and Tshwane University of Technology’s Professor of Applied Mathematics) and Terry Ashwin (an inventor of several world-first technologies) combined their talents and capabilities to pursue a shared passion for making human life better, safer and easier through curiosity and creativity.

It’s because of this cause we get up inspired everyday and end every day fulfilled. Welcome to Eccenscia.

Our Point of View and Approach 

  Our work, and thus our solutions, are guided by the following core beliefs:

Our Promise

Deriving from our mission and point of view, our value proposition is “progress” and “a good experience of progress”, where:

  • “Progress” is groundbreaking tech solutions that change your world.
  • “A good experience of progress” is the best experience as you acquire and use these solutions.
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