Eccenscia for Governments

It may take a single state employee only a few minutes to read one phishing email, decipher that it is a phishing attempt and delete it. And we’d be forgiven for perceiving the cost in time and money terms as negligible.

However, when one considers the frequency of such incidents and the number of people targeted and impacted, the picture changes.  Let alone when one considers the potential impact a successful digital attack would inflict on a government organisation, its employees, partners and the general public.

In a digital world that is evolving at an unprecedented rate, the case for strong digital security in government organisations can never be overemphasized. Nor can the impact of modern-day technologies on service and cost efficiency be underestimated.

Eccenscia offers a robust hybrid of hardware and software solutions to bolster digital capacity of governments, across levels.

Wherever you are. Wherever you’re going. With our secure, easy-to-use digital security solutions, you are in control. No account takeovers. No passwords. No stress.