Confisense and Uloq provide Cloud-based security options.

Whenever you put data or systems on the cloud, your valuable digital assets are, essentially, under someone else’s care. 

To minimize the resulting inherent risk, such as loss of money, time and resources, as you struggle to recover, consider using Confisense and Uloq cybersecurity software. Our software solutions act like the door to a vault. It keeps valuable data inside while keeping criminal elements out.

We want you to take back control of your data – both personal and work-related. Confidential and sensitive data need protection, especially when stored in the cloud. Confisense and Uloq make is easy and straightforward with innovative encryption technology accessible to all.

All the keys, passcodes and information stored on Confisense or Uloq are strictly confidential to you. Even we can’t access any of your encrypted files, and we don’t store any content in our backend. The power is in your hands.

Confisense is not only data security you can trust. We assume that no data is safe in the cloud, including yours. That’s why, you’re in charge – you, and you alone, have the key to your data on both Confisense and Uloq.

Uloq is a powerful end-to-end encryption packed into a slick app. Uloq makes data security a matter of seconds. And with the addition of private cloud storage provided by Confisense, you can sync and share files privately and effortlessly.

Confisense can be enabled to provide confidential, collaborative cybersecurity analytics at scale across multiple businesses and organisations of any size. Confisense is easy-to-use and complete protection for your endpoints and beyond.

Despite the difference in terminology between Digital Security for INDIVIDUALS, Digital Security for GOVERNMENTS and Digital Security for BUSINESS, Eccenscia’s software remains the same. Confisense is an environment-based encryption software that secures your personal or organisation data and restricts access to a predefined space or environment.

Uloq is an application which provides ironclad, undisputable personal identification, and authorization. You can connect Uloq to Confisense as an added layer of security.

Yes. You can add new contacts on Confisense in the Contacts option. For a quick and easy explanation on how to add/delete new contacts in the Confisense Dashboard, kindly visit our help guide. 

Note: In case you have any questions or are experiencing any issues, please feel free to contact our 24/7 customer support team.

Yes, you can always upgrade from FREE to either PERSONAL or BUSINESS package. However, you cannot upgrade from PERSONAL to BUSINESS package.

To do so, send us an email at

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To check the version of the Confisense you’re using on your device, follow these steps:

On Windows devices, open the Confisense Software and click on Settings. When a new window opens up, scroll down until you see the version of your app

On macOS, click the Confisense tab in your menu bar, click on cog on the bottom right, and choose the About option. A pop up showcasing the version of the app will show up.